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Online secret sharing

Csirmaz, László (2010) Online secret sharing. In: Combinatorics in Secret Sharing, March 26, 2010, Amsterdam, RISC@CWI.



First secret sharing with infinitely many participants is looked at, showing that even the threshold cases are non trivial to achieve. We present some interesting infinite ramp shemes supporting the conjecture that all access structure can be realized by some ramp scheme.
Secondly we introduce online secret sharing, where the shares should be distributed knowing only the trace of the access structure on the participants seen so far. We show that for graph based access structures the online complexity can be bounded by the graph degree, even in the infinite case.

Item Type:Presentation (Presentation)
Keywords and phrases:secret sharing, infinite cryptography, threshold scheme, online
Subjects:05C99 Graph theory, none of the other
94A60 Cryptography
94A17 Measures of information, entropy
94A62 Authentication and secret sharing
Divisions:Research Groups > Theoretical cryptography
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